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This is my photography page showcasing my skills in taking photographs. I occasionally take photographs every now and then as a freelance photographer in my spare time. I hope y'all enjoy.

Soccer Kick

In March of this year a couple of my friends invited me to take pictures of their soccer match. It was an intense match that resulted in me getting great action shots such as this one.

Soccer Kick_edited.jpg

Soccer Entertainment

During a soccer match from a soccer club at Bemidji State University one of the players accidentally kicked the ball up in the netting above. This caused the match to briefly pause so that they could find another ball while they figured out how to get the other one down from the netting.

Soccer Entertainment_edited.jpg

A Day in the Life of a Student

In one of my projects for college I decided to photograph a student to make a portrait of him. Daniel is a student at Bemidji State University who was finishing up his freshman year on campus.

Stranger #1 Final Copy.dng

Irish Castle

I took a trip to Ireland with my family in August of 2022 when we came across this castle in our tour of Lake Killarney. The name of this castle is Ross Castle and it is one of the more beautiful places to visit in Ireland.


Bald Eagle

I was out on a nature walk when I came across this bald eagle in a tree. It was staring down at my general direction looking around perched on a branch. Looking at it through my long lens gave me a feeling of awe and amazement as I gazed upon this majestic bird.

Eagle 1-9.jpg
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