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My Designs

These are some designs I did in my college design class that showcase my design skills.

Culver's Facebook Post 1

This is a Facebook post designed on for Culver's. It showcases how they have some new salad options on their menu even though it is a fast food restaurant.

Culver's Facebook Post Design_edited.jpg

Culver's Facebook Post 2

This is the second and final Facebook post for Culver's designed on Canva showcasing the good work of their employees.

Culver's Facebook Post 2.png

Northern Student Magazine Design

I made this design for my design class where we had to make a magazine cover that included a story with 2 pages for the school magazine the Northern Student. You can view the full design on the PDF icon on the side.


BSU Art Brochure

This is another design from my design class at Bemidji State that involves the two art galleries on campus Talley and Gallery X. The full design can be seen in the PDF link on the side.

2023-04-09 (2)_edited.jpg

Bemidji Brewing AD

This is the third and final design from my design class that I made. I made an ad for Bemidji Brewing because they're the local brewery in Bemidji, MN and I thought it would be great for that assignment. The full design is visible through the PDF link on the side.

2023-04-09 (3)_edited.jpg
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